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Our Program

Meraki Model

Meraki is an independent study high school that focuses on project-based learning to grow self-starters, independent thinkers and responsible young adults. We offer a blended approach to learning which includes whole school, small group and/or individual projects, discussion groups, varied physical education opportunities, focused instruction and more.  Students are assigned to a small advisory group and are paired with an advisor who will support their learning all four years.

Benefits of enrollment include access to local internships, and Advanced Education opportunities via American River College, Sierra Community College and/or Folsom Lake College.


Meraki follows the San Juan Unified School Calendar, yet we have more flexibility as an independent study program.  In our current cohort environment, students can expect the following learning opportunities:

  • Small group “crash courses” which may address critical thinking, engineering, finance, creativity, etc.
  • Independent or group projects
  • Internships
  • Community college courses
  • Participation in physical activity
  • Projects in the maker space
  • Student government or leadership committee meetings
  • 1:1 meeting with an advisor
  • Arts, Media & Entertainment pathway 
  • Meraki Rock Band
  • Online courses

Our schedule is flexible, which allows for exploration in these opportunities.

Finally, Meraki students receive a high school experience which offers students a voice in their education, a chance to jumpstart their college or career plans, and opportunities to explore the greater world to find their true selves in a social environment that is personal and supportive. 

For more information, please contact Scott Evans -