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Our Students

Students who are successful at Meraki have many, but not necessarily all, of these attributes:

  • Communication
    • Students who are willing to have frequent conversations with their advisor and their peers
    • Students who want to express their voice in the Meraki experience
    • Students who are willing to ask questions and/or ask for help
  • Time Management 
    • Students who are willing to learn and implement time management strategies and understand that this educational model will require a plan
    • Students who recognize that procrastination may be a problem and seek to solve that
  • Problem Solving 
    • Students who are willing to keep trying and seek help when they “become stuck”
    • Students who can work independently
  • Creative
    • Students who enjoy exploring new interests and are willing to take advantage of opportunities that might push them out of their comfort zone.
    • Students who have a strong interest in a particular area and are willing to leverage that interest into their learning plan
  • Future Forward Thinkers
    • Students who want to understand how math works in the “real world”
    • Students who understand there is a “science” to science
    • Students who want to get involved in public policy and be politically aware
    • Students who recognize that health & wellness is a lifestyle not a class
    • Students who want to be involved in their community
    • Students who want to become leaders

The Phoenix, our student selected mascot, represents our overall expectations:

  • Rise up to the Challenge
    • Become a leader
    • Move out of your comfort zone
    • Persevere through obstacles
    • Accept challenges and challenge yourself
  • Rise up to Responsibility
    • Be accountable to yourself and others
    • Become empowered by being self-reliant
    • Be able to demonstrate your learning publicly
  • Rise up for the Community
    • Be interested in giving back to your school community 
    • Be interested in giving back to the greater community
    • Become a leader in impactful areas which will support you as you navigate life after high school

Studies of why students leave college early reveal that it is rarely an issue of academic ability, but more frequently difficulties in other skills including:

  • The knowledge of available resources (and willingness to seek out)
  • Managing time and choices
  • Reflecting deeply
  • Asking the right questions
  • Being comfortable with who they are - an affirmed identity

Too often traditional systems are not set up to develop these traits.  Through our blended and guided approach, Meraki values, fosters and expects these skills.