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Work Permits

Thank you for your interest in getting your work permit. If you are a minor (under 18) and have not yet graduated from high school…

WHEN you confirm you have been hired, because you are a minor and have not yet graduated high school, your new employer will ask for a permit. 

  1. You, your parent/guardian, and your employer will have to fill out a "Work Permit Request Form."  CDE Form B1-1
  2. You will turn in the request to Clarissa French.
  3. We will check on your attendance and your quality of work with your Teacher. 
    1. IF you have good attendance and good quality of work:
    2. We will start a permit.
    3. WE will sign and date the permit.


  1. Clarissa French will issue you a signed copy of an official Work Permit. 
  2. You sign it and you give the FINAL signed permit to your employer.

UNTIL you graduate or turn 18, whichever comes first, you will need a new permit at the start of a new job, the start of a new school year, or the start of a new school.

Are work permits required during the summer?

Yes, If you are seeking summer employment you will need a work permit after being hired but before you start any work hours. 

According to California Labor Code Section 1299 and Education Code Section 49160, work permits are required for California working minors. Labor and education codes apply during all seasons and times of year, even during the summer months or school breaks.

Summer Work Permit Process:

June 4th through June 31st and starting August 1st contact Clarissa French. will process work permit request forms.

In July, the Central Office process requests, email all permit requests to Kirsten Pogue, 916-971-7179 at

Here are both the Work Permit Request Form and the instructions.

Congratulations on all your job opportunities. I am here to support you in the work world. I am available to answer your questions about a professional resume and education related to your career field interests. 


Clarissa French
Youth Employment Tech I
La Entrada: El Sereno: Meraki High
office: 916.971.5818
cell/text: 916.716.3146 

More Information on Permits: